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Fact - All UK Newspapers Sales Have Halved In The Last Ten Years:

Go Back To Basics, Use Common Sense:

Your A Newspaper - Do You Actually Publish News?

Do You Print Fact Or What Ifs, Could Be,s And “In Our Opinion” When You Could Inform And Encourage.

Do You Respect Individuals Privacy, And A History Of Doing So?

Why Cant You Publish A Negative As A Positive?

Is A Front Page With The News From The Previous Day Really Expected To Sell?

Are Your Staff Happy?

If Not They Wont Be Motivated.

If Not Motivated You Cant Expect The Best From Them.

If The Above Is True Quality May Be Poorer.

And You May Lose Valuable Assets.

Leading To The Inevitable Drop In Sales.

That Have Already Halved In The Last Decade.

When Was The Last Time You Had Any Face To Face Interaction With Your Readers? Invited Them To Your Offices?

Your Readers Are Not Just The Typical Alpha Male.

They Are Adult Males, Females, And Our Youth.

Our Youth Are Offered Next To Nothing But Can Often Be Relied On By Their Elders For Help With Practically Any Modern Piece Of Technology.

The Newspaper Is Now For Families, Do They Need Recipe Cards To Cook? Or Is That Insulting Their Intelligence?

What Could You Really Give Back? What UK Charities And Groups Do You Champion And Help?

You Could Role Out Our Puzzles FOC To Schools As Educational Aids For Learning English In A Fun Exciting Way.

Arrange School Trips For Them To Your Offices And Printing Areas, Going Home Excited, Saying How Great You Were, “Hearts And Minds”.

Allocate A Section Where They Can Engage, Ask Questions, Wait For Answers, Pestering Their Elders To Get Your Paper?

Do You Have The Willingness To Adapt?

Change Is Inevitable, Can You Embrace This, Grow And Lead Whilst Inspiring Your Readers From Your Example.

You Use A Forest Full Of Paper Every Year, Deliver Your Papers, Collect The Unsold, Why Not Introduce A Scheme, Offering Your Readers Say 5p Off For Returning The Last Paper They Purchased?

There Is Nothing You Cant Do, There Are No Such Things As Problems, They’re Simply Challenges To Overcome Together.

Why Listen To Us - Six X Six?

We Are Simply A Group Of Unique Individuals, From Various Walks Of Life, The Same As All Your Readers, Who Want To See A Change For The Better, As We Are Sure Everyone Does.

We Are Simply, Retired Lecturers, Former Teachers, Qualified Psychologists And Ex High End Security Professionals.


We Are Here To Help

Sunday UK Newspaper Sales Decline

What We Can Offer - Not Just Puzzles - As Each Group/Newspaper Join All New Applications Are Put On Hold For 1 Calendar Month - Giving You A Head Start As Such - Ongoing Market Research At Your Fingertips.

Ongoing Market Research To Help Identfy The Reason Or Reasons Why Readers Purchase A Competitors Newspaper. Give You Regular Updates On Our Findings So You Can React Pro-Actively. If We Work Together Your Success Goes Hand In Hand With Our Own.


We Have Now Created 3 Unique New “Puzzles “Called “Clueless “For Saturdays, “In My Words” For Mondays Through Friday and “Mystified” For Sundays.

During Their Creation, We Found A Very Extraordinary Benefit, They Are All Fun, Exciting And An Excellent Tool For Children Of All Ages To Capture Their Imagination, Promote Team Building, Be Excited About Words And Turn Learning English Into A Pleasure.

Aswell as Being Great Fun And Stimulation For Us Adults.

Maybe this is an evolution forward both intellectually and academically?

Perhaps the end to the traditional “Crossword”?

We are a New Company, but with “Old Fashioned” values And principles, to earn the right To receive you must be willing to give.

Which Is why we will Be Donating 10% of our “Net Profit” To UK Charities With A Proven Record Of Helping UK Citizens.

What Other Professonals Have Deduced And Mentioned:

Recomendation Nicholas Brown
Recomendation Kim Moore
Recomendation G Jay
Recomendation W Mendies
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